Practicing Gratitude: 5 Tips to Being Happy, Balanced, and Growing

There’s so much to be grateful for. But instead, our unbalanced world seems to be in a constant state of complaining. Spend a few hours online and you’ll meet people who’re grumbling about their jobs, their spouses, the state of the economy, politics, and so much more. Gratitude, on the other hand, is the opposite of complaining. In fact, those two beliefs cannot coexist in your brain at the same time. Try it. The next time you are goosebumps, tear-in-the-eye grateful, try to complain. It can’t happen. Gratitude in pushes complaining out.

How can you maintain a constant state of gratitude?

Tip #1: Whatever you’re grateful for, write it down. While some days are meant to be celebrated, others simply have to be endured. But in all days—regardless of what happens—be grateful in all things. One activity that will help you stay in a state of gratitude is to start writing every day in a Gratitude Journal. It’s not something other people will read—it’s just for you. Every evening, as you end your day, jot down those things you’re grateful for—whether it’s something you have now or something new that showed up for you today. It may even be something that felt bad in the moment but that was an important lesson you needed in that moment. Or it might be something amazing that will lead you to your ideal life. 
Tip #2: “You get what you focus on.” Have you ever heard that motto? While it normally applies to something we want to accomplish in our lives, there’s nothing wrong with focusing on being grateful for what we have already. Focusing on what’s good, what’s plentiful, or what’s improving in your world helps keep you in a state to receive even more of what’s good, plentiful, and improving. It’s like you’re saying, This is all cool. What else is out there for me? It keeps you in a state of grateful anticipation.
Tip #3: Be grateful for what you have, but also want more. Unfortunately, millions of people are too satisfied. They’re complacent. They’ve achieved some of what they want, but they haven’t taken their life to the next level: they’ve stopped growing.  What they don’t realize, of course, is that wanting more of what’s good—and living in this state of grateful anticipation—will actually bring them even more to be grateful about.
Once you get into the practice of being grateful, you’ll discover that opportunities to grow in gratitude exist every day. But here’s the key: these opportunities will only be found if you proactively seek out things to be grateful for. How? Watch for big things, like a phone call that up-levels your career, or randomly discovering your dream house before it goes on the market. Look for little things, like finding a parking space near the entrance, or getting a refund check in the mail. You’ll soon see that opportunities are hidden in every encounter—all of which you can be grateful for when they happen.
Tip #4: Be grateful no matter what. When something bad—and totally unexpected—hits you and you think, There’s no way anyone could be grateful about this, could you still be grateful? If you lose your job unexpectedly, could you eventually move into a new career that you’re even more passionate about? If the committee doesn’t choose you, is it possible that something better might come along that you’re free to do because you’re not committed elsewhere? Being grateful in the face of hardship isn’t easy. But by working to make gratitude a daily habit, you can go through your day with more optimism in general. You’ll be more mentally prepared if the worst happens.
Tip #5: “Choose happiness.” It’s always fun to see that on a bumper sticker or Pinterest because it’s such a quaint idea. If you think about it, whoever talks about happiness anymore? Happiness is not something you find or that other people give you. Instead, it’s something you choose on your own. And making small changes like being grateful? That creates a shift in your outlook. You can wake up every day and live your life, or you can wake up every day and let life happen to you. Whether you drive the bus or ride the bus, it’s always your choice. 

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