Recently, a Pew Research study asked people what’s essential to living “the dream life.”
77% said they wanted “Freedom of choice in how to live.”
70% answered “Having a good family life.”
60% said “Retiring comfortably.” 
48% responded “Making a valuable community contribution,” and . . .
43% said “Having a successful career” was essential, too.
Now what about YOU? Have you ever wondered what the perfect life looks like for you? Is it financial freedom, a beautiful house, supportive relationships . . . or, like the people in the study above, something else entirely?
Well, today, I’d like to help you envision that perfect life. I’d like to help you decide what you want, then talk to you about ways we can bring that about—faster than you ever thought possible. 
To help you start dreaming about the future (perhaps for the first time in years), I have a FREE planning journal for you
Inside the “Oola Life Planner” I’ll send you is a seven-part exercise that helps you look at every area of your life today . . . then start dreaming about what you really want in the near future.
What is “Oola” and why can this process help YOU?
More than 20 years ago, two holistic physicians—Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl—created a formula called Oola to help people establish new habits, practice new ways of living, and take those daily actions that are key to bringing life into balance, then keeping it that way on an ongoing basis. Today, “The OolaGuys” are international bestselling authors, social media influencers, personal growth experts, and founders of Oola Coaching with countless successful clients around the world. 
Tons of victory stories of real people confirm that the simple, practical, easy-to-implement Oola formula works to help people get healthy, eliminate debt, build wealth, move into their dream career, have more fun, create a better circle of friends, resolve lifelong family conflict . . . and so much more.
But here’s the best part: together, the Oola Guys and I have created an exciting opportunity to help you achieve your own story of balance, happiness and growth this year: it’s the 10-week Oola Coaching Program.
To talk to me about working on YOUR FUTURE over the next 10 weeks, click HERE and choose a convenient, no-pressure 30-minute appointment time from my online calendar. To get the Oola Life Planner and start the process before we talk, simply click this link.
What could you achieve by focusing on YOUR future? I look forward to hearing from you.


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