7 Steps to Finding Life Balance in an Unbalanced World

If you took inventory of your life today, you’d discover that every circumstance, challenge, opportunity and achievement you experience fits into 7 major categories: 
• Fitness                              • Finances                           • Family                               • Field (Career)
• Faith                                 • Friends                             • Fun
More than 20 years ago, two holistic physicians—Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl—created “The 7 F’s of Oola” to help people establish new habits, practice new ways of living, and take those daily actions that are key to bringing life into balance, then keeping it that way on an ongoing basis. Today, “The Oola Guys” are international bestselling authors, social media influencers, personal growth experts, and founders of Oola Coaching with countless successful clients around the world. 

Since the first copy of their blockbuster book, Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World, rolled off the presses years ago, the Oola lifestyle has become a phenomenon with over a million readers seeking the Oola life. Countless success stories of real people around the globe confirm that the simple, practical, easy-to-implement Oola formula works to help people get healthy, eliminate debt, build wealth, move into their dream career, have more fun, create a better circle of friends, resolve lifelong family conflict, find their ultimate life purpose . . . and so much more.

Oola is not about achieving an important goal in a single area. It’s not just about making more money or losing weight or meeting your soulmate. It’s also about tackling the tough stuff, cleaning up relationships, setting boundaries, and eliminating stress—all while dreaming big dreams again and putting together a plan to get the complete life you want.

Are you ready to get your Oola life? Deciding what you want in these 7 areas will help:

Your Fitness & Physical Health: One of the greatest aspects of living an ideal life is a healthy, vibrant body that looks good and supports all the activities you want to pursue. If you know your health and body could be improved, start visualizing now what you want them to look like.

Your Finances & Debt-Free Lifestyle: Your monthly income, spending, debts, savings and investments will dictate the kind of life you lead—including whether you eventually get what you want. Deciding what you want in your financial life is imperative. And it will usually take some research to discover what things cost. For now, however, start thinking about the big picture. What kind of financial life do you want?

Your Family Relationships: One of the most fundamental requirements for the survival of humans is social interaction. And your own family members are the most foundational connections of all. But how these family relationships support, affect, enhance or expand your life is up to you. What do you want your family relationships to look like?

Your Field, Career & Calling: For most people, a job, career or profession not only occupies the majority of the workweek, it also forms a large part of your identity. It affects your well-being and contributes to (or diminishes) your happiness and contentment. It can uplevel your finances, your relationships, your personal growth and more. And if you’re following a career as a full-time parent, you’ve chosen one of the most demanding and important jobs in existence. Deciding what you want in your career will set the stage for every other area of your life. 

Your Faith in God & Daily Walk: Many successful people attribute their achievements to a strong belief in God, as well as prayerful, daily devotion. Others renew their faith after a lifetime of struggle. Wherever you are in your faith walk, the Oola Guys remind us that you were designed by God for greatness; your life circumstances do not define you. You have a special purpose on this Earth and an active relationship with God will help you discover that life purpose.

Your Friends & Network: It’s said that we become like the five people we hang out with the most. Well, who are you hanging out with? If your friendships and social circle could use some fine-tuning, this is your chance to “reverse-engineer” the friendships and social relationships you want—including being a better friend yourself. By choosing to be a good friend, you will naturally attract other supportive, positive and loving people into your world.

Your Fun Time & Bucket List: Over the past few decades, studies have shown people are working more and vacationing less. But free time and recreation are part of an ideal life. Rest and relaxation are necessary. And deciding what you want to do during your “down time” will improve and enhance every other area of your life. 

Creating balance in your life is a process that includes working on all 7 areas. The key is to decide what you want in these areas, set some goals, and stay accountable to taking action daily to bring about those goals. Working with a coach can help keep you on track and accountable for results. And I’m here to help.
Email me at ashleymartin@lifeinbloomco.com and we can jump on a call to chat about it. You can also go here to check out the Oola Coaching Program I deliver for clients who want more balance, less stress, and more happiness in their lives. Over just 10 weeks, with the Oola Guys as your instructors and mentors, you and I will work on every major area of your life including finances, fitness, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun. Together we’ll face what’s not working for you and create a workable plan for lowering your stress, creating life balance, having more fun, and pursuing major life goals that are important to you. Ready to get your own Oola life? Contact me and let’s get started.


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